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Looking for a reliable Concrete Coring & Cutting Services in Dubai for your next project?

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core cutter offers a versatile core drilling experience to suit your needs with top of the line diamond drill bits of various sizes available. There is no hole too wide or too deep for ‘s custom bits that are made to order.  drills holes from anywhere between (but not limited to) 16-1000mm in diameter and up to any depth required.

  • Cut perfect circles in reinforced concrete
  • Vibration free
  • No hole too deep or too big
  • Stich drilling
  • Inverted slab drilling
  • Hand held, bolt down and vacuum suction options available
  • Safe servicing for challenging situations
  • Ensuring the best quality results by a dust-free approach
  • Guaranteeing a safe and clean environment from start to finish
  • All equipment are tested, tagged and serviced regularly
  • Slurry and water control measures available

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